Editorial Design

Whether it’s a magazine, brochure, or banner, I design layouts that are both visually appealing and effective in conveying your message. I take pride in my ability to tailor creative designs  to your specific expectations, goals, and vision.

I believe that great design not only looks fantastic but also serves a useful purpose. That’s why I take the time to understand your brand and your target audience, so that the design concepts I submit to you align with your content and enhances its impact and ultimately, its marketability.

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    Brochures and Documents

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    Hand Outs and Event Banners

    PowerPoint 365 Manalos Best Example
    PowerPoint 365 Manalos Best Example Page 2
    Sashi Mohan HIRISE Brochure Example
    Kurt Harris Iris Systems Flyer 1
    Kurt Harris Iris Systems Flyer 2

    6 ft x 3 ft Event Banner

    3 in x 5 in Two-sided Lateral Event Handout Card

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    eBooks and Journals

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    Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet Backgrounds
    with Your Branding

    I will create a Zoom/Teams/Google Meet background with your logo for use during online meetings. These add a very professional and modern impression vs. using the limited canned options offered by these meeting platforms.

    You may choose images from below into which I will integrate your logo. I am also willing to offer a selection of up to 6 other backgrounds from your specifications. If you need a custom design, see below.

    I assure you that all images are from my Adobe Stock Images or Canva Pro accounts and are royalty free.

    After you approve the design, I will send you the file(s) for uploading onto your video conference calling platform.

    $100 for standard background with logo integration.

    Ask me to custom design additional backgrounds for seasonal celebrations, individual employees, special events, along with complete branding for your company or organization. This includes your established brand colors, logo and tagline. This is for an additional $100.

    Contact me for more pricing options.

    The Design Process

    1. We schedule our first meeting go over the details of your project.
       •  I prefer face-to-face Zoom meetings and you will receive an invitation to the meeting.
       •  Bring your design examples or be ready to describe presentation styles that you prefer.
       •  Bring your content, sources for content, specialty graphic images, logos, or branding guidelines.
    2. You receive an invoice for 1/2 of the agreed price. It is payable in advance and is non-refundable.
    3. I submit a preliminary design which you review, and I make the requested changes. Next, I design the entire document and we go through the review process until it meets or exceeds your expectations.
    4. You then receive the final invoice. When you pay the invoice, you receive a zip file of your final product and all other files associated with it.
    5. For templates with slide masters, your zip file includes a screen cast training on how to use your file.

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